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Data Classification in Power BI — Business Intelligence Insight

In many corporations depending on the type of data is being used there could be different types of the sensitivities that should be applied to that data. Data Classification fulfills in Power BI Service this matter very easily. In today’s post you’ll learn how to setup Data Classification in Power BI Service. First of all…

via Data Classification in Power BI — Business Intelligence Insight


Tutorial – Power BI Desktop for Beginners: Create your first Power BI report and dashboard in 10 minutes

Learn how to start from a simple CSV file and create a **FREE Power BI report AND interactive dashboard with geographic visualization in minutes. All this without using Excel. Download the sample file for this video and follow along:

** note: Power BI is free for individual users & Power BI Pro is a subscription based service for enterprises – see product details “BEE”low.

Key highlights:

  • How to create a **FREE Power BI account (0:17)
  • Overview of the steps required for creating your first Power Bi Desktop dashboard (0:32)
  • Download Power BI desktop (0:48)
  • Sample CVS File: (1:02)
  • Import Data to Power BI Desktop (1:22)
  • Create a Power BI desktop Report (2:38)
  • Power BI Amazing Filter capability: Anything which is plotted is a Filter (5:49)
  • Ctrl + Click to select multiple fields (6:14)
  • Publish a Power BI desktop report to Power BI site (6:26)
  • Power BI report browser view (7:06)
  • Create a Power BI dashboard (7:40)
  • Share a Power BI dashboard (8:27)
  • Power BI natural Language Q&A tool: Ask a question in simple English and get answered instantly (8:39)
  • Power BI app on mobile (9:50)

Dr. Nitin Paranjape (Office MVP) – Blog: Efficiency 365

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)
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Excel IF function – Dos and Don’ts — Efficiency 365

So far, I have not written an article about the humble IF function. But in the last few months I came across many customers who asked me to explain how the IF function works. Surprised? The reason is that many people use the Excel IF function, but they do not understand its nuances. Usually someone…

via Excel IF function – Dos and Don’ts — Efficiency 365

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