Understanding & Implementing “BI” | Business Intelligence

What is “BI” ? Is it a Buzzword, a methodology, a theroy, or something new for my computer? hmmm you are hearing it as the number one emerging term and now almost on a daily basis. Simply put BI = The Right Information At The Right Time &  In The Right Format and consists of Personal BI, Team BI and Organizational BI.

When properly implemented and supported it allows Strategic, Tactical & Operational Success  for a company by empowering employees to align the company’s  key performance indicators. But how do I educate others and implement it in my organization? — Maybe the tools below can get you started on the exciting and cutting edge BI path! … enjoy! Nerd

PowerPoint Show:


Companion Handout:


Dev Project Process/ Flow:


Report Request Discovery Form – Print Version:


Report Request Discovery Form – Email Version: 


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