Poor InfoPath … the most forgotten “BI” tool of all!

… and it’s so valuable to an organization!

In my opinion one of the biggest challenges in keeping the data useful in a BI Datawarehouse is the data integrity itself. Most developers, DBAs and IT people aren’t the people that can keep that data clean. It is the everyday users themselfs.

How many times are you asked why a report is wrong? How come the data isn’t right and to fix that data now? Web developers are asked to develop complex expensive web application forms just to keep it up to date which can take weeks if not months to develop and put into production.

Did you know you can cut that time in half and you don’t even need a web application to allow your users to to that themselfs all with InfoPath.

If you have certain versions of Office, you may already have infopath! It’s just a matter of creativity and knowing how to develop the forms and tap them into your data source. It’s quite easy and quick once you do it once or twice.

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