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EGPAF Data Dashboard


This is a public real time interactive data dashboard for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation.

It’s great! – This is what you will be able to do too ….

MS SDK for developers coming out this summer. Stay Tuned!


4/11/2016 LinkedIn Message Share: At 6:13 PM, Gini Courte, ( Training Developer & EXPERT Instructor) said …

“Top 3 thoughts for today:

#3. While beyond the scope of the summer course ( the Power BI Pro course she is developing for release this summer), Microsoft is providing a Power BI SDK for developers.

#2. Everything you already know about modeling in Excel is still incredibly useful in the new Power BI.

#1. The Power BI Publish to Web feature is incredible and will only get better.

Check out the Elizabeth Glazer Foundation dashboard here: for a great example.”


 Thanks for the Share Gini! 🙂

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