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Got a Drone / High Definition Visually Stunning Long Play Music (non-commercial) Video to share too …. & if they are up to these videos listed further below in quality and content, we’ll keep posting and freely sharing …  share links are below.

So What’s this Drone Stuff all about? … 

Article – CNN IReport Video – Drones: World Film Project

Free Flight Simulator Download

I just discovered a new FPV Simulator and it’s free with donation Thanks.

It’s created and proposed by the blog


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Discover FPV without fear with the FPV simulator of FPV PASSION. Rain, cold or wind outside, start to fly now ! Admire the most beautiful cities in the world with Google Earth and especially save money and time :). This tool can also be useful for flight preparation.

The development is based on the Google Earth Plugin so you can fly over 3D Cities.

You can access the simulator here :

Thanks all for all your contributions and support!… this feedback has been great on these so far and people want more! Videos & Post Votes …. Keep sending them this way!


24 Hours Of Happy …

… now who doesn’t want to be happy …. feeling blue … someone you know being negative? …
This is a fixer upper …..

Most beautiful drone videos ever filmed 2015 – Our planet is amazing!

Drone’s eye view of the world  … 15 video playlist HD Ariel views with music – play time  1:00+

 … makes you wanna be there for the next one maybe … how fun is this?

4K Video! “Dreamlapse” 11 video playlist HD Nature  views with music – play time  1:00+

… stressed out and need to relax … this’ll take care of that …..