🤔 Power BI Embeded vs. Publish To Web … What’s The Difference In The End View?

So, you’ve spent hours now creating all those insightful & stunning reports. Now you want integrate them into all your web and business applications & share them to the world {or only portions of your world}.

What to do … you’ve heard that this can be done, but just how will it look in the end and which publishing option do you choose?

It will all depend upon if you want to provide filtering, who you want access to view & how much you want to spend.

👩‍🏫 Here are examples of embedded power bi reports within an application and published to web.

The same type of views are typical for any line of business application or internal / external web portals that support this.

Examples / Differences:

Application {Wordpress} Embed Option:

{Live Working Sample}  


Here for instance, to embed in wordpress, a one column layout page is really needed to show full view. A multiple column blog post page is not so great without a full view button provided yet in the wp plug in. A better choice of course would be to use a full page layout.

This may (or may not) hold true for any application you plan to embed it into, however, you will have options to adjust width & height, filter on/off when using the SDK using this method.

This embed option access security can also be controlled to public or just specific viewers via Azure and/or Power BI and Groups.

There is a cost in Azure for use of this view either as a subscription or pay as you go depending upon your set-up choices with a partner.

Published To Web Option:

{Live Working Sample}

The publish to web option below uses an iframe and is open to anyone and is free to view.

This has a much better view after launching it in full using the bottom arrow {…}, but it will be open to the public and has no filter options or security capabilities as seen above.

The choice now is all up to you!

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