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YOU Can “Bring IT” – Give & Get Value By Bridging The IT Cloud Skills Gap …

Infographic – Visualizing The IT Skills Gap


A Short NON Complicated Definition Of Cloud Services:

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questionmanLooking For A Job, A Raise Or Promotion?

Remember, YOU OWN Your Own Future!

Be Creative About Your Networking & Job Search. See What The Market Holds For You!
Infographic – Modern ways to Job Search

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E=MCT: Become A MCT / Regional Lead:… and as a bonus you can have fun by sharing the knowledge too!….

* Brand Yourself. i.e.: LinkedIn & other visual representations such a professional blog with an About Me Tab & Visual Resume’ Profiles & Blogs like …

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    [Infographic] Visualizing the IT cloud skills gap

    Click to download the PDF.

    When Microsoft® asked global market intelligence firm IDC to investigate the state of IT jobs in cloud computing, even those of us close to industry trends were surprised by the findings. 1.7 million unfilled cloud-related jobs in 2012. 7 million open cloud positions within the next three years. A near-crisis in IT hiring circles to find qualified candidates with essential experience, training and certification.

    As illustrated in this  infographic, it all adds up to a world of opportunity. For companies struggling to fill cloud-related jobs, the next few years will be challenging; however for future and current IT professionals, career prospects couldn’t be brighter.

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      Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) provides free online IT training & learning of Windows, Microsoft Technologies through courses designed by industry experts.

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      Virtual environments for testing Microsoft’s newest products and technologies. Simple. Guided,hands-on labs that you can complete in 90 minutes or less.

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