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If you are a SQL person, I bet you’ve used “IN” operator zillions of times. You might also looked for the same functionality in DAX and I’m sure you’ve found fantastic blog posts showing you how to mimic the same functionality in DAX. The October release of Power BI Desktop is full of new analytics .…

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Introducing Power BI Premium


Microsoft® Power BI is a collection of online services and features that enables you to find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

There are two experiences now available for Power BI: the new experience, generally referred to as Power BI, and the previous experience which is referred to as Power BI for Office 365.

​The new experience is centered on, an online service where you can quickly create dashboards, share reports, and directly connect to (and incorporate) all the data that’s important to you.

The new experience also introduces the Power BI Desktop, a dedicated report authoring tool that enables you to transform data, create powerful reports and visualizations, and easily publish to Power BI.The new experience extends to all your mobile devices, too.

Note; If you were using the previous experience and want to migrate to the new experience, you can download this migration guide to understand and prepare for the migration process.

Power BI was first made generally available in July 2015. Since then, Microsoft’s driving vision for Power BI has been to enable users across roles, disciplines and industries to sign up for the service in seconds and get business value by drawing insights from their data within minutes.

The relentless focus to drive access to insights at scale has helped Power BI reach more than 200,000 organizations, and the breadth of this global community continues to directly contribute to Power BI’s evolution – to date more than 400 features have been added to the service as the result of input from more than 50,000 users.

How will it work? …. {Read Full Details …}

diagram courtesy of: Gilbert Quevauvilliers

yellow-starview a real live sample Power BI interactive dashboard – * featuring narrative science

Power BI Desktop vs Excel-based Power BI — Efficiency 365

As you know, I recently published a Power BI Desktop course on Udemy. A few days ago, I received a message from a potential student, Andrew, asking whether taking this course would help him. He wanted to know why Excel-based Power BI is not covered in my course. The questions are: What exactly is Power…

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